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Celebrating 75+ Years of Medical Excellence

Orenburg State Medical University is one of the top-ranked medical universities in Russia,
helping medical aspirants become doctors for the last 75 years!

Medical Education. Training. Research.

With the study of quality curriculum under guidance from highly qualified faculty members,
pre-clinical and clinical research, and hands-on clinical training, our students step-out as exceptional doctors.

A Global Community of “Aspiring Doctors” and “Doctors”

We are proud to be an institution where aspiring doctors from different countries worldwide come together to fulfill their medical dreams,
and every year, 500+ of them step out as qualified doctors.

The University

Established in 1944, Orenburg State Medical University (OrSMU) is one of the oldest, most regarded, and globally recognized medical universities in Russia. Situated in the Orenburg City of Russia, OrSMU is consistently placed in the list of top medical universities. OrSMU offers MBBS Program to medical aspirants from Russia as well as from other countries worldwide, and its medical qualification is recognized globally, including countries like the United States, Canada, and India. With a glorious history of seven decades, and a delicate balance of experience, expertise, and modernity, OrSMU is one of the best universities to study MBBS in Russia.

  • Strong Academic Base
  • Research Focused Education
  • Hand-On Clinical Training

Better Facilities For Better Education

What Our Students Say

Better Education. Better Life.

At OrSMU, students not only get quality medical education in Russia with our learned faculty members and modern educational technologies,
but also live a life of fulfillment with our amenities, vibrant culture, and full-of-life campus.

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