OrSMU attended the 2nd Edition of Russian Education Fair in India


OrSMU attended the 2nd Edition of Russian Education Fair in India

Orenburg State Medical University is excited to extend a warm and hearty welcome to our newest additions, the first-year students of the academic year 2023.

The University took a significant step towards fostering a close-knit academic community as we conducted a special meeting between our distinguished Dean, Prof. Mironchev Anton, and the promising first-year students of the academic year2023. This event served as a remarkable platform for new students to connect with university leadership, discuss their academic aspirations, and seek guidance for their exciting journey ahead.

The meeting took place and was a well-attended event filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. Prof. Mironchev Anton addressed the students, sharing his insights, experience, and expectations for the academic year. He emphasized the importance of a strong academic foundation, a commitment to ethics and compassion in healthcare, and the role of students in shaping their educational experience.

The meeting was not only an opportunity for students to hear from our esteemed Dean but also to interact with fellow classmates. It allowed students to foster connections, ask questions, and engage in a meaningful dialogue about their academic and personal aspirations.

As the academic year progresses, we are excited to witness the growth, development, and achievements of our first-year students. We will continue to provide support, guidance, and opportunities to help them excel in their chosen field of medicine.