OrSMU Streamed Live With Rus Education To Invite Indian Students For Admissions


OrSMU Streamed Live With Rus Education To Invite Indian Students For Admissions

Orenburg State Medical University recently went live with Rus Education to invite the young medical students of India to join the university for their MBBS.

The stream was held on 23rd August 2022 via all the official social media channels of the university and Rus Education. The event was attended by the university representatives, Prof. Miroschnichenko Igor, Rector and Prof. Mironchev Anton, Dean for International Students. The duo was accompanied by Prof S.K. Washim, Chairman Rus Education, who was in Russia then.

From India, Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor, Vice-Chairman, Rus Education & Dr Dinesh Singla, Director, Rus Education, joined the stream from New Delhi, India. Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor put forward his welcome address to the university representatives and all the viewers.

His address was further followed by a welcome from Prof. Miroschnichenko Igor who explained about the legacy of the university, facilities and opportunities it offers to the Indian students. During his address, he shared the glorified results the former students of the university have achieved. He further highlighted the importance of balancing theoretical and practical knowledge of the students and how 40+ clinical bases of the university help the students to achieve it.

He emphasised the need by stating that a good doctor should learn near the bed of the students. He further shared that over the last 10 years, 300+ professors and associate professors at the university have been trained to develop English competency. Therefore the complete course study at the university is done in the English language.

He also shared that to help the Indian students in getting accustomed to the new lifestyle, all the students are allotted special curators to help them navigate during their stay in Russia. The university also has clinical facilities to ensure the health of the students. Apart from that, the students are also encouraged to participate in sports activities at various levels.

Prof. Mironchev Anton reminisced about the active and extreme participation of students during the Russian Education Fair 2022, who showed their interest in the university. He has shared that in the past decade, 350+ students have graduated from the university and are working in the top hospitals in India. Several of these graduates were also awarded for their dedication and hard work by the Government of India during the difficult covid times. He further listed out the features of the Hostel vicinity and how there is a separate building for all the International students- including the Indian mess facility for the Indian students as well.

He also listed out features of the hostels for Indian students, such as it is near to the biggest mall in the city to manage all the needs of the students and a small walk away from the university's main campus.

Prof. S.K. Washim, during his address to the viewers, also shared about the demand of admissions at Orenburg State Medical University among Indian students. Due to this, Rus Education is in the process of acquiring another hostel building for Indian students. The organisation has also arranged the Indian cooks in the hostels of the university so that they can get authentic, hygienic Indian cuisines during their stay in Russia.

The last part of the live included a Q/A round, where many students shared their doubts and queries regarding the university and its admission process. The guests answered all the questions of the students with patience and utmost precision.

With this, the university invited the Indian students to join the best medical university in Russia, Orenburg State Medical University, for the session 2022-2023. For more related information about the admission process, the students are requested to contact Rus Education or dial in the student helpline number 1800-833-3338.