ARIU Signed Mutual Cooperation Agreement With OrSMU


ARIU Signed Mutual Cooperation Agreement With OrSMU

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University (ARIU) signed a mutual agreement of cooperation with one of the top medical universities of the Orenburg State Medical University in Russia. The reason behind signing this agreement with OrSMU was to achieve its target of having at least 5,000 students worldwide by 2026. Furthermore, ARIA aspires to offer its students studying MBBS abroad the best quality education to raise their educational standards and contribute to the economy of Armenia.

The aim of ARIU behind this alliance with OrSMU was threefold: Augmenting its influence across the globe, protecting the interest of global students, and widening the horizons of opportunities for the students seeking to study MBBS abroad.

The cooperation agreement implied the exchange of new values and knowledge and the building of a cordial relationship between these two universities. The core areas covered by this agreement include Student Exchange Programs, Knowledge Exchange and Cooperation, Educational and research programs, and more.

This collaboration between ARIU and OrSMU opened up new opportunities for students from Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University for clinical practice in Orenburg state hospitals and to acquire international exposure in practical and research work.

After this agreement with ARIU, Orenburg State Medical University has spread its footprints in Armenia. This medical university in Russia, well-known for pursuing MBBS from abroad, now offers adequate exposure to medical students from different parts of the world and contributes to their complete development with ARIU.