OrSMU Joins the Orenburg Ministry Of Health Campaign


OrSMU Joins the Orenburg Ministry Of Health Campaign

The global virus outbreak faced by the world has once again ignited the discussion for the importance of health globally. The Orenburg Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the purpose of acknowledging and increasing awareness about the medical emergency and the requirement to prioritise self-health care had launched the campaign "The Best Gift To A Doctor Is Your Health" in the Orenburg Oblast of Russia.

The Ministry has been actively working with several leading organisations in the region to accomplish the goal. Orenburg State Medical University is one of the top medical universities of Russia, where several students from various parts of the world study for the best medical education in Russia. The university in addition to facilitating medical education to the young aspirers is also an epicentre of the research practices in the region.

With the common goal of providing health awareness among the laymen, the administration of Orenburg State Medical University has joined the Orenburg Ministry of Health Campaign, "The best gift to a doctor is your health" officially on 18th June 2021.

With this, the university aims to accomplish its moral and social responsibility towards society. This would also serve as an opportunity for the young scholars studying MBBS, to get more real-life exposure.