Agreement Signing Ceremony between OrSMU & LAU for Mutual Cooperation!!

  • 29 April
  • 2019

Agreement Signing Ceremony between OrSMU & LAU for Mutual Cooperation!!

On 29th April 2019, an agreement signing ceremony was organized between Orenburg State Medical University, Russia and Lincoln American University, Guyana. The event was conducted at the OrSMU’s campus.

Orenburg State Medical University has been a remarkable destination and is counted among one of the Top Medical Universities; for all the international medical aspirants, especially Indians. Therefore, expanding its influence in other parts of the world and for enhancing the benefits to its students, OrSMU has signed an agreement with Lincoln American University (leading University of Guyana), for transfer of students, exchange of knowledge between the two and build many more merits for the enrolled students.

This alliance has been established for initiating the cordial relation between the two Top-notch Universities i.e. OrSMU & LAU; and to cover the major spheres- Students’ Exchange Programs, Transfer of Students, Knowledge Exchange and Mutual Cooperation. In the frames of this agreement ceremony, the educational & research projects were also discussed.

Igor Miroschnichenko, Rector of Orenburg State Medical University, Doctor of Medicine, Professor and LAU Vice-Chancellor- Dr Pawan Kapoor from Lincoln American University, were the two dignitaries to sign of the agreement.

OrSMU feels highly obliged for this great cooperation and looking forward to instilling many more collaborations on the international level.