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Student Life in Orenburg State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University provides a very healthy and safe environment to the medical students. There are 3 hostels in the Orenburg State medical University campus. The students are provided with all the necessary facilities like personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet, cloak-rooms etc. The food provided in the college canteen is very healthy and hygienic.

The students are encouraged to participate in various seminars and conferences. The university campus has a sports club that was started in 2013. The students take part in various sports and other fitness activities. The students pursuing MBBS from Orenburg State Medical University can also opt to work part time which is permitted by the government of Russia.


There are three hostels at the UNIVERSITY: No .1, No.2 and No.3. First they were opened in 1961, 1964 and 1981 correspondingly. And they became the second home for young people who came from different corners of the country. Nowadays more than 900 people live in these hostels. All favourable conditions are created in the hostels: rooms for organization and running of events, sports areas, household rooms with all necessary equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet. International students enrolled at OSU, within the international government agreements of the Russian Federation, are provided with university accommodations on the same general terms as students from the Russian Federation.

Orenburg State Medical University
Orenburg State Medical University

Sports Club

Sports Club is an educational and training structural division Medical University OrGMA Russian Ministry of Health.

The main objective of the sports club – the organization and improvement of sports activities with students, promoting healthy lifestyles and improving sports skills.

The objectives of the club are:

• creation of a network of sports asset in all faculties of the UNIVERSITY;

• establishment and training of teams of students, faculty and staff of the UNIVERSITY in various sports, to participate in competitions of various levels;

• holding sports events, competitions among students, faculty and staff of the UNIVERSITY;

• education of students of high volitional, physical and moral qualities;

• preserving and strengthening the health of students, faculty and staff of the UNIVERSITY;

• development of basic sports to enhance their role in promoting health and physical perfection UNIVERSITY students;

• improving the training of qualified student-athletes;

• social protection of the rights and interests of student-athletes;

• promote sports at the UNIVERSITY;

• infrastructure and logistical sports facilities of the UNIVERSITY;

• formation of students’ needs for physical improvement and healthy lifestyles.